Basic finance and budgeting

Instilling financial literacy in the participants to manage temple or related project investments.

 About this Course

Srila Prabhupada maintained a strict tradition of accounting for every single rupee spent in any project. Participants will be equipped with basic financial skill sets in maintaining basic accounts and reading financial statements. Understanding basic book-keeping terminologies & concepts, one can learn to also analyse trends in the financial records generated thereafter.


  • To help participants realize the importance of systematic accounting and book keeping
  • To familiarize participants with basic concepts and terminologies in accounting
  • To help participants develop proficiency in maintaining simple financial records at a temple level
  • To help participants develop proficiency in analyzing trends reflected in financial records
  • To help participants grasp basics of budget allocation for projects
  • To help participants understand the measures to be taken in order to safeguard and develop temple/ ISKCON funds by proper investments
  • To create awareness in participants about the availability of professional support & resources so that they can access them for efficient management of temple funds

Course Instructors

Krishnanaam_Prabhu1Krishnanaam Das

Finance Dept, ISKCON Chowpatty