This course delves into the primary aspects of devotional sadhana, highlighting the standard for a leader in order to practice in an exemplary manner.

About this Course

Establishing a common definition of sadhana, as established in purports to relevant Vaishnava studies, this course will take the participant through each foundational activity – Japa, Kirtan, Shastra studies & presentation, deity worship. A leader not only observes a discipline in these activities but also aims to inspire zonal members to aim towards a serious practice of the principles. This course will enumerate through the best practices based on Srila Prabhupada’s quotes and other references.


one’s personal relation with the holy name (japa and kirtan), the books (reading and teaching), and the Deity (temple programs).

  • To help participants to have a common definition of sadhana (based on NOD, CC, etc.)
    1. Sadhya & sadhana (and sadhaka)
    2. Sadhana as the means to obtain bhava-bhakti
    3. Srila Prabhupada on sadhana
  • To help participants understand that one of their main roles is to help the devotees in their zones practice strong spiritual life (and therefore they themselves need to be strong in their practices)


Course Instructors