What are the students of the GBC College saying about their training?

“GBC College is looking at the need for highly trained, capable, competent men & women to lead our movement in some of the highest rungs of leadership.” (HG Anuttama Prabhu, GBC member & GBC College Advisor).

What are the students of the GBC College saying about their training?

Acyuta Priya das – Ukraine

I went through the first GBC College program, and my experience was very instructive and conducive for my service and for my understanding of what kind of ISKCON we shall build up and have for the future. I saw the examples of best practices and approaches we could have as well as what we should not do as leaders of Prabhupada’s movement.

Besides that, a lot of very senior valuable association, lot of reflections, hard work, team spirit, and growth. Highly recommended.

Bimal Krsna dasa – Ujjain

The GBC College for Leadership Development is the best college one will ever attend. It is where one’s expectations get fulfilled with ease; the environment is ideal; one interacts with participants who come from around the world; one meets and makes new friends; the valuable course content is expertly designed; the proficient lecturers genuinely want you to learn and implement; learning becomes easy; the prasadam is the best; accommodation is great and the enthusiasm of organisers is stimulating.

Attending the GBC College is indeed a worthwhile experience that aids one’s spiritual life as well as provides the necessary skills needed for efficient management and exemplary leadership in ISKCON.

Support for such meaningful initiatives is very much needed, which can take on different forms such as financial contributions, volunteering etc. This will ensure appropriate training, as Srila Prabhupada desired, for the leaders of ISKCON today and for the future.